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I am Susanna Antonsson, a medical doctor, but also singer, designer, seamstress and artist.

At Myspace and Youtube, you can hear what I sound like. Mostly, I sing jazz, old folk songs, hymns and musical, but I love challenges, so I am ready to plunge into a new style, when asked to.

You can see some of my work as an artist and designer here. Because I find it relaxing, I mostly draw sketches and sometimes use indian ink. I love working with watercolour though. Except for painting for my own amusement, I have also drawn some pictures on commission and designed a couple of loggos for professional use.

I sew for other people too. As I want the fit to be awesome, I regret to say that I refuse to sew for people that cannot come for fitting.

At my blog, you can follow my projects and here, you can see what I have designed and sewn through the years. Many of the clothes you see are made from second hand materials, as I find it important to do as little further harm to the environment

as possible. 


If you wish to get in touch with me, my e-mail adress is: susanna@susannaart.se

My phone number is: + 4673 541 26 33

Please leave a comment, down below, or a message in my guestbook!

Who am I?

I am the singing, drawing and designing selftaught seamstress Susanna, close to having my medical doctor's licence. I am married to my own Prince Charming and mother to a wonderful boy.

Most of my life, I have spent in Sweden. During some years of my childhood I lived with my family in Tanzania. My medical studies were in Denmark, but now I am back in Sweden and I am even moving back to my old home town.

I have always had a passion for music, art and literature. Learning is also something I cannot live without, thus my choice of job.

Further, I enjoy walking in God's wonderful nature and to travel the world.

My faith has composed an important part of my life. I believe that every person can have an intimate relation with God, through Jesus. He has led me bit by bit to where and who I am today and He is the dearest friend I could ever wish for. The members of my church are like a second family to me. I only wish that more people would discover the beauty of God and the feeling of being a part of his worldwide, loving family.

I hope that you have enjoyed your visit on my webpage and now I wish you a nice day!

Please leave a message in my guestbook, at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to write to me, on my mail.

Comments from my old guestbook:

12/09/2013 21:09

Gun och Bertil says: ‘‘Vi är imponerade! Vilken kreativitet på så många områden! Vi önskar dig allt gott! Kram’’

28/02/2014 04:10

Agnes Heeter says: ‘‘Bless you for your outspoken love of God and His abundant love for each of us shown not only through Jesus Christ, but so many everyday enjoyments.’’

03/07/2014 23:56

Jolein Verboom says: ‘‘Susanna, tack för den underbara studentklänning du sydde till mig! :) Jag är verkligen super nöjd och kommer att använda den vid flera tillfälle! Den är sååå värd priset! Tack att du ville göra den :)

Kram, Jolein’’

27/10/2014 09:51

Eta says: ‘‘I saw your corset and underwears on sysidan. Marvelous work. You seem to be gifted in many areas. I also read that you are a christian, I'm too. What a blessing it is to have Jesus.

Bless you


På min blog, blogging.susannaart.se, kan du följa mitt skapande och lära dig sy själv.

myspace och youtube hör du hur jag låter.

Du når mig via min mail: susanna@susannaart.se